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About Me

The journey to Healing

The inspiration for FR came from my own lifelong struggles with health and pain related to a combination of autoimmune disease Arthritis “Ankylosing Spondylitis”, sports injuries, nine reconstructive surgeries and constant stress from pain, anxiety and depression. I had been to numerous Orthopedic Surgeons, Rheumatologists and other specialists with none of them being  able to provide me with any effective solution to my chronic tightness, pain and lethargy.


Frustrated at 26 by the lack of solutions from western medical professionals I decided to look into wholistic options and down the rabbit hole I went. I began this journey in 2013 by discovering self Myofascial release techniques. Over the next eight years I experimented with every type of Physiotherapy treatments and techniques I could find. My research expanded into postural and movement therapies as I became a personal trainer and began to implement my various modalities adopted over the years.


When I discovered I could use manual fascial manipulations to build an arch after years of having flat feet I knew I was onto something revolutionary. The end result is FR. Fascial Retensioning is a unique type of fascial therapy and addresses the root cause of our human dysfunctions.

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Why fascial retensioning

I began Fascial Retensioning not as a program or company but as a mission to solve my own issues with chronic joint pain and muscle tightness. I battled opioid addiction, severe depression and anxiety and at the age of 20 believed I would never be able to live a healthy active life.

Little did I know that all of my problems were environmental and lifestyle in origin and that I would be able to actually self-heal my broken body. I had exhausted the traditional and nontraditional medical avenues in my search for a solution to my issues and knew that there were others suffering out there just like I was. Much like my reason for becoming a personal trainer, I developed Fascial Retensioning to help others dealing with similar pain and debilitation.

The carnivore Diet

The first step in effectively treating my autoimmune disease and restoring health to my fascial system was changing my diet. Despite all the specialists I had seen in the time since I began having serious health issues, only one suggested that diet may be the cause and cure to my chronic pain and debilitating autoimmune disease. She suggested I try cutting gluten out of my diet and I was off to the races. It was more of a tortoise race but I was on the right path. 

Removing gluten from my diet was a great start as it is one of the most toxic and inflammatory proteins to the human gut biome. This was an amazing deal of relief to my joint pain and muscle tightness but I had just scratched the surface. When I learned about the Carnivore Diet in 2019 from an interview I watched with Jordan Peterson I was intrigued but skeptical. 

After all up to that point like many others I had been led to believe by governmental health agencies, the food industry and medical professionals alike that we need to eat plenty of whole grains and vegetables but after learning of his and his daughters struggles with inflammatory autoimmune disorders I figured it may work for me. At the very least it warranted some due diligence. Nothing suggested from western medicine professionals or health gurus had worked so far and I was determined to find a real solution to my crippling health issues. 

I embraced the Carnivore diet fully, and the results were staggering. Within ten days I had dropped 14 pounds, most of which was bloat and water weight. My body had discovered the amazing effects of ketosis and utilizing fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates. I was a strict carnivore for 2 months and my inflammation, muscle tightness and pain levels reduced to a level I had not experienced since I was a young teenager. 

I realized that the fitness industry I was part of, the food industry, the medical industry and the health industry as a whole were propagating a model of diet that was based on fallacies and information that came from the heavily lobbied vegetable food industry. I made a decision then to dedicate my life to finding the true secrets to self-healing and bringing them to the surface.