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Fear has become one of my favorite topics, guide & teachers. It can take up so much of our energy at times. Sometimes when we spend enough time thinking about how to avoid a fear, we end up creating & living in the fear itself.

Have you ever wanted to do or try something, but you were so afraid that without you consciously noticing you erased the desire all together? So much so, that now you think that thing you wanted is impossible to do, or just not realistic? Or you start thinking one day in the future, “someday” it’ll be possible & I’ll be able to do it, but not now?


The fear of going for something you’ve always wanted & dreamed of.

You’ve always wanted to travel to another country; you’ve seen pictures on the internet or social media and think its beautiful. You want to go stay there for a month out of the year and you look up ticket prices & you think “I can’t afford that” or you think “there’s no way I could do that with the job I have right now or the bills I have”.

You spend 5-10 minutes dreaming about it and then just dismiss it; because of those fears of not having enough money, the opportunity or the time & availability to do it. Or the fear of "I can’t quit my job & do it." Then you subconsciously just ignore that desire, suppress it, dismiss it and rarely think of it again.

The fear of speaking your truth, sharing how you feel.

Because you’re afraid of offending somebody. Afraid of being vulnerable. Or because you’re afraid of being judged. Or maybe you don’t want to hurt somebody. Or you want to keep everyone happy & not create any conflict, have everybody like you. So you carry yourself a certain way or don’t say certain things that are true to you.

What would happen if we tried to think of fear as a great teacher?

Fear is a great teacher.

  • When you have a great teacher, you listen to their advice & teachings. You ask questions. You do your homework, study & find your answers.

  • So when Professor Fear wants to test you again, you’re prepared. You know the reasoning. You understand how it works. You know how to answer & what actions to take, because you studied & did your homework. You learned & developed the necessary skills to answer it.

How does fear work? Root of the fear.

  • Fear is layered, which is why we don’t recognize it so often. Its covered.

  • Fear is rooted, so it takes a good shovel to dig and get to the bottom of it and remove it.

Break them down into 5 whys. 5 layers of fear.


1. Why am I afraid of sharing my thought on this?

I’m afraid of being judged.

2. Why am I afraid of being judged?

"I want people to like me, I’m scared people won’t like me."

3. Why am I scared people won’t like me?

Because I’m different? Because I don’t like the way I look or because I’ve never been naturally good xyz?

4. Why do I judge myself like this & don’t like xyz about me?

5. Ext…

When you do so you'll uncover the real reason or reasons why YOU’RE acting the way you are.

By simply shedding some light & clarifying your fears you grow!

This is a life-long process.

It's a life-long skill developing & learning how to deal with fear, removing them & deciding how you would like to use them.

When we don’t address this, we simply let fear dictate our actions in life. Whether we recognize it or not, that’s what happens.

I believe, “Fear is the absence of faith."

This is one of my favorite quotes I have up on my vision board.

The times I am the most confident are the times I am filled with faith & hope. As soon as I begin to fear & doubt, I know I’m lacking faith in an area.

Remember “Fear is the absence of faith".

Fear is such a great teacher.

  • It teaches us how to grow.

  • It’s trying to communicate to us where we need to grow; we just have to be able to understand the language of fear.

  • It brings us closer to ourselves.

  • It teaches us our biases, it teaches us our strengths, it teaches us our weaknesses, it teaches us our beliefs, it teaches us our positions.

  • It teaches us our desires.

Fear is great when you think about it. Fear is a blessing, leading us TO a blessing. We HAVE to learn the language of fear & trust the path towards our fears.

I challenge you to take some time for yourself & Clarify your fears.

  • Think about your fears, un-layer them. Work on finding the root of the fear. Understand it. Don’t resist it, don’t hold on to it, just clarify it.

  • Just by doing that, we’re able to let it go & grow from it.

  • It allows us to change how we interpret the fear and change how you respond to the fear.

  • It helps us take bold actions. It allows us to be courageous.

As a human beings WE ALL HAVE FEARS.

  • Some of us simply learn to how to interpret them and decide how we want to respond to them, rather than letting our fears dictate us.

Fear is a guide & great teacher.
  • Maybe it’s looking to give you a sign that you need to add more trust & faith in a certain area of your life.

  • Maybe you need to learn to be patient.

  • Maybe you need to share your point of view on a subject, because that advice/insight you share is what’s going to inspire someone to do good.

  • Maybe you need to learn to be vulnerable.

When you’re faithful & courageous enough to take action & be vulnerable, the blessings go much further than just in your life. You bless other people as well.

  • The stronger you become, the stronger others become. The stronger they, become the stronger our world becomes.

Maybe you need to pursue the direction of your fear because that is where your next blessing is waiting.

Clarify your fears. Learn the language of fear. Use them as a guide. Use them as a tool for growth. Love your fears, because they too have the ability to bless you.

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