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“You could have every and anything you want in this world, you just have to go get it! You just have to ask for it!”

You ever heard that before? Well, its true. At least I believe it. As many times as I’ve heard that, I’ve probably heard people say “I just don’t know what I want” even more.

If right now, at this very moment someone came to you and told you they would deliver whatever dream & desire you want, all you have to do is tell them specifically what it would be; would you be able to tell them? Would you be able to describe it in detail? The setting. The feeling you’re experiencing in that moment. The kind of person you are, the skill set you have, the people who are around you, would you be able to paint that picture for them?

Before you can even describe it, can you picture it? Does it excite you? Sometimes we picture things and it feels great in that moment, or maybe a day or two, then the feeling dies off. Its not as exciting as it first seemed.

Can you paint & describe a picture and a feeling that keeps you excited and motivated for months, years or better yet a lifetime? Can you see that?

Can you see a vision that energizes you all the time? Every single time you focus on it, every time you think about it, you see that picture so vividly. It's on your mind all the time and you can feel the experience as if it's happening now? Can you have that feeling all the time, and be energized all the time?

You could go pursue this dream & the feeling it brings to you forever, because this feeling makes you feel alive!

What if we could just tap into some energy source that gives us everything we need to keep moving forward?

I can’t tell you what that energy source is for you; but I could tell you that the way to that energy source is clarity.

Seek clarity to find your energy source.

Seeking Clarity

  • You’d say “yea, duh!”, but the thing is you’ll never just HAVE CLARITY. It’s a constant practice. It’s a deliberate habit. You have to constantly SEEK CLARITY.

Structure yourself to cultivate a routine, a habit that helps you continually seek clarity.

  • Life will always have some degree of uncertainty; therefore we will always be seeking clarity.

  • This is a practice. It is a skill, a habit we must continually practice in order to keep growing & developing into the person we would like to become.

Its not about what you’re getting, its more about what you’re becoming.

Ask yourself, what have I become? Who am I becoming?

The four areas of clarity

Author Brendon Burchard, in his most recent book “High Performance Habits" talks about how Seeking Clarity is the #1 personal habit found in his research on high performers.

He talks about seeking clarity on the “future four”.

The Future Four

  1. Self

  2. Skill

  3. Social

  4. Service

“We’re never stuck, we just lost perspective” - Brendon Burchard

Being clear on these things almost instantly energize you. “Know yourself” is great and all, yes its important to a certain degree to know yourself, to understand yourself & grow.

What if we thought more about “Imagining yourself”?

Create a vision of yourself that excites and energizes you.

“Pain pushes you, the vision pulls you”

Knowing yourself pushes you towards something, imagining yourself pulls you towards something. Cultivate that vision. Clarify that vision and let it pull your life in the direction you’re imagining.

Clarify the main areas of your life, set time and visit them weekly or daily even. Figure out /clarify your main categories

  • Health

  • Family / Friends / Intimate relationships

  • Mission / work

  • Finances

  • Adventures / hobbies

  • Spirituality / faith / emotions

I challenge you to be intentional with setting time to clarify your visions.

Clarify the main areas in your life. Help your loved ones do it! I challenge you to challenge one person close to you to do the same.

When you’re clear on how you want your relationship to be with someone, how and why you want them to respect & love you. You’ll be a lot more intentional when speaking or dealing with that person.

Same goes with your work. When you’re clear on how and why you want to be a certain type of leader or team member, you'll intentionally put forth the effort to showcase those qualities in everything you do.

"The way you do anything is the way you do everything"

This is where greatness is born.

Clarify your vision and let your vision pull you!

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