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A lot of times we think of failure as a destination. Like I arrived. I failed, that’s it is over. That’s the furthest from the truth! FAILURE IS A STARTER! Failure is what gets things going.

We have the tendency of thinking “Success or Failure”, those are the options, those are the outcomes. Its more like “Failure, then Success” or “No Failure, no success”.

Achievements & failures are dancing partners. They’re best-friends. You don’t get one without the other. They’re always together; the majority of the time failure leads you to his friend success.

You learn to appreciate success because of failure and vice versa; you appreciate your failures because of your success.

“Failure is not the opposite of success it’s a stepping stone.” -Ariana Huffington

Our fear of failure sometimes keeps us frozen and not attempting anything; if we don’t attempt then we don’t fail, but we also don’t achieve either.

  • We actually do both! We fail to try & so when you fail to try, you succeed at failing!

  • When you try, you succeeded at attempting something, even if you failed what I attempted! You still took a step forward! YOU STILL SUCCEED AT MOVING FORWARD! YOU failed forward!

Whatever it is you’re trying to do, I guarantee you’re trying to move forward! So even when you fail, keep moving forward! FAIL FORWARD!

Failure, like many things in your life is a great teacher.

  • It teaches us humility, keeping us humble. Teaches us creativity. Teaches us effort.

  • It teaches us about patience, it teaches us about persistence, about grit. About determination, about strategy, about endurance.

  • Failure helps us develop traits & skills we don’t have and further develops the ones we do have.

  • It teaches us to analyze ourselves, our surroundings, it teaches us to recognize & face our miscalculations, our biases, our assumptions.

  • It forces us to grow! Failure is growth! Failure is necessary in life! Failure is a part of success, it’s a stepping stone.

  • Failure is moving forward! Failure moves you forward!

  • Failure is addressing uncertainty. It helps us learn to live and take a stance during times of uncertainty. It teaches us about decision making & consequences to our actions and thoughts. It teaches us about risk.

Failure teaches us about fear!


  • By definition, Failure is “Omission of occurrence or performance.”

  • When we omit to attempt, when we omit to perform, when we omit to take a risk, we omit an opportunity to succeed. That’s failure! We lose a chance to grow! We lose a lesson we could’ve learned! That’s what failure is!


  • Look for stepping stones! Aim for something that you know you’ll fail doing the first time you attempt it! That’s A STEPPING STONE! That’s growth! Get past that first step!

  • NOW FOCUS on thinking a different way to solve the problem, focus on developing your creativity to solve it. Focus on attempting it again & attempt it again! Fail again!

  • Grow again! Learn from your failures, and plan from your failures!

  • The more your fail, the closer you become to achieving whatever it is you’re aiming!

Failure is your teacher! Listen to your failures! Learn from your failures and apply the lessons you’ve learned from them! Fail forward!

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