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Everyday I practice an attitude of gratitude

“I just wish it was warmer & I could have some more options over here. It’s always cold, the damn snow sucks. I go outside earlier just to start & heat up my car. You gotta shovel the snow. Then the snow gets all mushy, wet & dirty like mud when it gets warmer. There’s no plant-based eating option places here, it just frustrates me sometimes.” I’m expressing and sharing these thoughts & emotions to a friend of mine over brunch. His response woke me up that day and snapped me out of my funk. He understood & agreed with most of my complaints and simply responded “I just tell myself to enjoy Green Bay”.

That simple line stuck with me. It made me present. It made me grateful. It reminded me of one of the greatest life lessons, the lessons of gratitude. Of appreciation. It’s so powerful.

“What would happen if we tried paying attention things that are right in front of us?”

The best way to be present is to practice an attitude of Gratitude. It focuses our attention on this very moment, on what is currently in front of us. To be grateful you must be present. They work together, it’s a beautiful dance between, presence & gratitude. It gives us a glimpse of the power of now. In life all we have is “This moment”. Putting all of your attention into what is in front of you is one of the most powerful life skills you can develop.

  • Your quality of life improves.

  • Happiness increases.

  • The more present you are, the more energy flows, the more grateful you are & the happier you are.

Be present & appreciate the things that are right in front of you. Recognizing the full value of them.

“When you appreciate things, things appreciate.”

When you find yourself in a funk, a poor state, like I was during the brunch with a friend, realize you’re not present. You’re not focusing on what’s in front of you.

  • Pay attention to the things that are right in front of you. Be present.

  • Find things to appreciate,

  • Find ways to be grateful. Everything changes.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
  • Cultivate a habit of being grateful. Focus on the good in your life.

  • The more you find the good, the more good you’ll find.

  • Be grateful & stay present.

Practice an attitude of gratitude

Consciously think about or write 3 things that you’re grateful today! Connect & communicate with people about what you’re grateful for. Help them be more present & grateful. Send 1 person a message of appreciation every week. It could be a text, a written letter, a gift, a quick visit, a phone call.

Whatever it is. I challenge you create that habit! I challenge you to challenge people around you to create that habit! Do it sincerely and authentically and see if it won’t feel amazing for you & the people involved.

Gratitude is a foundation of character. It’s underneath all the other habits & skills you develop, it’s a building block of life. In order to be great, you first have to be *GREATFUL!

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