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“We read to know we're not alone.” ― William Nicholson

At times I find myself stuck, I lose perception of things, needing some motivation, some insight. Sometimes you need to just be in your own head, alone to get your mind right, and other times you need someone’s help.

I’ll never forget, I was in my early 20s and I was just frustrated with where I was, what I was doing, I would get in these arguments with my mom and things just didn’t make sense. Then I picked up a book, and man did that change my life. Man did that change my perspective. I can remember thinking “I’m not crazy. People DO see this! People DO feel like this! People DO believe in this!” I just had to find them, talk to them, hear their perspectives & use that knowledge mixed with mine to create whatever results I wanted.

From then on, I WAS HOOKED! Reading became my favorite thing to do! It became a necessity for me! I read all kinds of subjects, everything I wanted to think about or learn about I read and my life sped up! I started with reading 1 book a month, 12 books a year. Then moved to 2 books a month and it’s lead me to where I am now, aiming to read a book a week every year! I’ve yet to master this challenge, but I am constantly pushing towards it, because the more I read, the more I come alive. The more I read, the more I wake up.

You are what you read

“Sleep is good, he said, and books are better.”  ―George R.R Martin



1. “The action of reading written or printed matter silently or aloud.”

2. “An interpretation”

3. “Look at and comprehend the meaning of (written or printed matter) by mentally interpreting the characters or symbols of which it is composed.”

My favorite definition of reading is so short & simple, “An interpretation”, that’s all reading is. An interpretation. You’re interpreting someone’s interpretation of a subject or an experience. That’s it.

It’s just like talking to someone, I am interpreting their perspective on a subject or experience. They are sharing with me what it is that they see, think and feel about something.

By reading people's writings, they are exposing me to another worlds. This is what reading is. This is what it does for you; it exposes you to other "worlds of thoughts" from other great beings like yourself.

What worlds would you like to be exposed to? Whatever it is, I guarantee you can find some readings to expose you to that world. It will help you develop an interpretation of that world. Best part of it, it’s at your own pace. Don’t have to wait for anyone, don’t have to respond to anyone, you don’t have to speak to anyone, the book takes you to wherever you want to go and talks to you there!



You gain knowledge & insight on things youre interested in and use that to help connect dots and create your very own content, your unique perspective. Reading guides you on the path of research you want to learn.


With the new insight & perspective, go experiment! Use it to grow, develop and add whatever it is you want to the world with your own touch. Reading helps your experiment with different thoughts & ideas.


Analyze your results, read what its saying to you, “Interpret it”. Reading teaches you to analyze & interpret things.


Read and keep on DREAMING. Use it to dream. Imagination is correlated to your intellect. You gotta expand & expose your mind to things & use your imagination to creatively put things together & create more beauty for the world. Reading helps your dream.

Carve out some time for yourself & dive into a book about something you’re passionate &/or interested in. Fuel your mind with insight into the worlds you dream & wish to get into.

READ. Research, Experiment, Analyze & Dream. READ.

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