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"Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great." --John D. Rockefeller

How do you define success? Is it money? Is it career? Is it status? Is it impact? Is it love? What is it to you?

A lot of times we define success as a certain achievement, an accomplishment. Like its task oriented, hit these checkpoints & boom get the results, success! Go to school, graduate, start a career, have a 6 figure income, get engaged, get married, buy a house, have a family; then we’d say hey so & so is pretty successful.

Many times, these so called “Successful” people find themselves, unhappy. Not excited. Everything is good, their relationships are good, financially stable, travel a couple times a year but yet they’re not happy. They say “I think I want a new job”; they’re earning well but have more stress than they want. Or they’ll say “I want to move to another city.” “I just need something different.” They’re seeking some sort of thing or place, to fill some kind of void. Then it hits them, “I want something more fulfilling.” You’ve accomplished & achieved a lot, but you’re not satisfied, you’re not fulfilled.

What if we thought about success as both achievement & fulfillment? Not one or the other, but ONE & THE ANOTHER.

Let’s work on being clear on what we’re defining as success. Recognize that we need BOTH, achievement & fulfillment to feel our best. To be Successful. It’s important to understand the difference between Achievement & fulfillment.

Achievement & fulfillment

My favorite breakdown & definition of Achievement & Fulfillment comes from Tony Robbins.

He defines the process of both achievement. & fulfillment. Achievement having 3 parts to accomplish it; focus, action & grace.


· Focus

· Action

· Grace

In order to achieve something you must clarify what it is you're going after, then have the ability to focus and strategize how you will accomplish it. Once you've accomplished this first step now you must take the necessary actions to accomplish your goal. Practice gratitude throughout the journey, which keeps you present & in the end allows you to return to the beginning of your "Achievement Cycle" & focus!

Fulfillment itself comes from growth (a process) & giving. Once you grow through a process, you appreciate the moments, lessons & insight you gain throughout that journey. Experiencing & looking back on this is fulfilling; then the next step is to give. Whether its by sharing your story, your time, your skill sets or your resources to help others in your unique way, fulfillment comes from giving.


· Growth / Progress

· Giving

I like to think of balancing your external & internal ambitions. That’s how I look at achievement & fulfillment. They dance so well together. Internal & external ambitions; achievement & fulfillment. The main key, the most important thing is to remember is you need both. You want both internal & external achievements, just as much as you want internal & external fulfillments. Not one or the other, but one & the other.

One without the other is only short lived. The imbalance might work for you for a couple years, but eventually you feel burned out, unmotivated, unhappy, dissatisfied & unfulfilled.

Define your success by expressing your internal & external achievements & fulfillments.

Not one or the other, but one & the other.

Don’t simply pursue compensation; pursue contribution along with it.

Contribute to something in a way that’s meaningful to you & be well compensated financially, emotionally, intellectually & spiritually from it. That’s success!


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