Modern health has become less about preventing what causes illness and more about treating
the symptoms

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About me

The inspiration for FR came from my own lifelong struggles with health and pain related to a combination of autoimmune disease Arthritis “Ankylosing Spondylitis”, sports injuries, 9 reconstructive surgeries and constant stress from pain, anxiety and depression. I had been to numerous Orthopedic Surgeons, Rheumatologist and other specialists with none of them being able to provide me with any effective solution to my chronic tightness, pain and lethargy.

Frustrated at 26 by the lack of solutions from western medical professionals I decided to look into wholistic options and down the rabbit hole I went. I began this journey in 2013 by discovering self Myofascial release techniques. Over the next 8 years I experimented with every type of Physiotherapy treatments and techniques I could find. My research expanded into postural and movement therapies as I became a personal trainer and began to implement my various modalities adopted over the years.


When I discovered I could use manual fascial
manipulations to build an arch after years of having flat feet I knew I was onto something revolutionary. The end result is Fascial Retensioning. Fascial Retensioning is a unique type of fascial therapy and addresses the root cause of our human dysfunctions.